The Importance of an Air Conditioner in a Company

The Importance of an Air Conditioner in a Company

One thing is when your air conditioner does not work properly at home, but another very different when it does not work at optimal levels in a computer center in a company. As a computer facilities administrator, you should know that an air conditioning system for a high-performance data processing center is essential for business success.

What problems could happen if there is not good ventilation in a room where there are many computers and computer systems? Next, Motorex will introduce you to the importance of an air conditioner in a company’s computer center.

What causes lack of ventilation?


Has your computer ever worked so slowly that it became uncomfortable to use it? Or has it turned off from one moment to another while doing an important job of the company? Overheating in a company’s computer center can slow down the business or stop it completely, which will not make the owners or employees happy.


Water and electricity do not mix under any circumstances. It is likely that you have already learned that in a science class, in a first aid course or perhaps first hand through an unfortunate experience. Computer components exposed to extreme humidity consistently can corrode and eventually decompose.

Air conditioning options for a computer center

As an administrator of a computer center with so many responsibilities, you cannot be expected to also be an air conditioning expert. There are many options to keep the computer room at an optimal temperature. Next, Motorex will present you with the best options available to you:

1.- Inverter Mission Wall
Smart Wifi – Midea

In these times, smart technology becomes increasingly essential, in addition to being a characteristic feature that defines every good device or device. That is why Wall Inverter Mission Smart Wifi stands out over several of its kind, since it has “Smart Wifi Control”, “Smart Sleep” and Auto Diagnostics.

2.- Midea window

Market leading team due to its functionality. It has “Auto Swing” which allows maximum air distribution as well as its renewal. In addition, it has “Timer” where you can configure the equipment to stop or turn on within 24 hours.

3.- Portable PH Series Midea Self-evaporating R410 Mon 220v

Designed to ensure maximum silence and comfort, seeking the optimization of the cooling system and the air flow with a channel system. With omnidirectional wheels and side handles that facilitate movement. It has intelligent on and off technology that reduces energy consumption from 2W to 1W (50% savings).

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